Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Welcome to Wild About Poetry! 

National Poetry Day is coming soon (Thursday 7 October) so what better time to start my poetry blog?  The theme this year is a really good one - HOME.  Do you have a favourite home poem?  There are so many poems to choose from.  Here's my selection.

Coleridge's "Frost at Midnight", one of his conversation poems, is a beautiful account of the poet musing by the fire, and beside him his infant son, Hartley, asleep in his cradle.

Hardy's early poem "Domicilium" evokes the small thatched cob cottage where he was born at Higher Bockhampton.

The feel-good factor is replaced by ennui in Larkin's "I remember, I remember"  with its striking bathos - "Nothing, like something, happens anywhere".

Being at home all day doing the housework can be deadly - read Eavan Boland's "Woman in Kitchen".  By the time the woman gets to do the ironing the kitchen is ""white and quiet as a mortuary".

A very different poem is Josephine Dickinson's title poem of her "Scarberry Hill" volume.  It's a simple, understated poem describing the poet and her husband sitting together in their farmhouse.

Top of my list of home poems has to be one by the Australian poet, Les Murray.  "Home Suite" begins
    "Home is the first
     and final poem
     and every poem between
     has this mum home seam."
It's a brilliant thought-provoking, rich poem, which travels the whole gamut of Home from "suburbia" to "rubble squats".

Do send me titles of your favourite home poems.  I've started this blog to share my enthusiasm for poetry, particularly poetry of the 20th and 21st centuries.  I hope it will be a dialogue with readers, wherever you are.

I'm away from home on National Poetry Day reading at Ilkley literature festival with fellow Flambard poet, Rebecca Goss (see Events). I'll tell you how it went on my next post.

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  1. Congratulations Mary - we'll look forward to reading your posts!