Monday, 28 May 2012

Angelic nudity

Spoiler alert - I'm going to write about the hot weather, so if you're the slightest bit superstitious turn away now.  Yesterday my father, who still thinks in Fahrenheit, recorded a daytime temperature of 80 degrees.  That's seriously hot for this corner of north west England.

There is really only one poem for this kind of weather.  It's Les Murray's "The Dream of Wearing Shorts Forever" (from The Daylight Moon 1987 and also in the old 1991 Selected).  You can listen to the poet himself reading a truncated version of this poem with superb visuals on youtube   A pity about the background music but it is a tourist board promo I think.

The full version runs to 19 verses in a typically baggy Les Murray fashion - a tour de force of variations on the one idea of the title.  Here's a mid-poem extract:

"Unlike public nakedness, which in Westerners
 is deeply circumstantial ...

 shorts and their plain like
 are an angelic nudity,
 spirituality with pockets!"

You can read the whole poem at

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