Monday, 12 May 2014


My wild garden goes through colour phases.

Today it is blue with forget-me-knots, alkanet, birds' eye and bluebells.  Not long ago it was white with wild cherry blossom, so prolific that when the petals started to drop I thought it was snowing.

A few weeks ago when fellow-poet Rebecca Goss asked me for a poem the garden was yellow.  Rebecca invited a group of us to contribute a poem each for her blog - the brief was simply that the poem should be short and contain the word "heart".

If you've read Rebecca's book Her Birth (and it is on my list of 12 poetry books you must read!) you will know that this beautiful and moving collection of poems was written about the death of her first daughter to a rare heart condition and the birth of her second daughter.  This week, Children's Heart Week, 12 - 18 May, Rebecca is devoting her blog to Heart Poems by contemporary poets.  She hopes to raise awareness of the work of the Children's Heart Federation and also to share some poems with a wider audience.  

My poem "Cordate" is one of the poems posted today - to read it and the other Heart Poems go to

And you'll see why I started this post in the garden.

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