Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Last Saturday my son David married his lovely wife Bella.  

I was asked to write a poem for the wedding and they told me about having a ring-warming ceremony as part of the service.   My poem is reproduced below with their permission.  Fortunately no one dropped a ring and the whole day was a wonderful celebration.

WARMING YOUR RINGS              

for Bella and David 3 May 2014

Handfast in the circle of our love
your rings are heart-warmed

passed palm over whispering palm
in kindred blessings:

a ceremony of touch
to gift you devotion and joy and steadfastness

as at this moment we stand together rejoicing

steadfastness, joy and devotion our gifts -
a celebration of welcome

in whispered blessings
passed palm over kindred palm

and hand-warmed, your rings
heartfast in the circle of our love.

© Mary Robinson 2014

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