Thursday, 2 March 2017


I've recently joined Second Light, an organisation for women poets aged 40 or over (though under 40s can be associate members).  I resisted joining for some time - for two reasons: one, the idea of being part of a closed women's group, and two, having to pay a subscription fee.  But then I thought of all the men's old boys' networks in British society and decided that I should be a bit more alert to networking.  As for the fee, perhaps I am being a bit less scrooge-ish these days.  After all "you don't get owt for nowt" and Second Light publish Artemis and it costs money to run a poetry magazine.

Every poet is invited to provide a page on the Second Light website. You can see my page, complete with poem, by going to , clicking on Members' Pages and scrolling down until you find me (surnames in alphabetical order).

It's good to see several names I recognise on the list - I feel I am in good company.

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