Wednesday, 9 August 2017


A perfect combination.

Today I walk the dog along the cliff path from Morfa Nefyn.  Yachts shelter in the curving bay of Porth Dinllaen.  The sea is a deep azure blue.  It is a day of Auden’s “leaping light”.  A window on the coastguard look-out tower flashes back the sunlight.  Waves gather, white crests glisten until the final stumble onto the beach.   To the north-west the hills of Yr Eifl are a shadowed grey – natural ramparts forcing the traveller inland.  Across the sea to the north Anglesey’s long low sandy shoreline ends in the submarine shape of Holyhead, the port for Ireland (Porth Dinllaen was once proposed as the Irish port – how different this beautiful coast would have been if the project had gone ahead).

The cliff path is dotted with late summer flowers – montbretia, ragwort, Himalayan balsam (all invaders) and the diminutive harebell which seems so fragile but isn’t.

orange as the gleed of a winter fire
     under the summer sun

each flower a thousand score of sun-kings
     heading straight for the battlefield

Himalayan balsam
popping up in all the plashy places
     painting her pouting lips pink

that first syllable of breath
     trembling in the azure wind

© Mary Robinson 2017

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