Sunday, 26 May 2019


The roadsides are pink and white - the '60s pink of red campion and the cermonial white of Queen Anne's Lace.   Nature's celebratory bunting in the week of the Llyn Arts Festival.

On Saturday I went to hear 'Sound Alchemy' at the Felin Uchaf roundhouse.  I was delighted that Rose Rouse was performing with her artist partner, Asanga Judge.  I met Rose last year at Plas Newydd, the National Writers' Centre of Wales.  It's great that the arts festival is expanding to include poetry.

Rose performed a sequence of poems on ageing, encouraging us to celebrate age.   Asanga's crystal bowls provided an ethereal soundscape.  Rose's words were clear, crisp and humane as she read the moving central sequence about her mother's dementia.  Then there was the shock of Asanga's scream, symbolising to me the severing of her mother's tenuous thread to this world.  But we didn't finish there.  In the end the final impression was that of the reconciliation of daughter to mother, mother to daughter.  The two performers both fell silent and in the quietness it was a while before anyone felt able to break the silence and applause.

On Sunday afternoon I visited the art exhibition at Llanbedrog (in St Pedrog's hall) and amongst the work of talented local artists I was able to see the collaboration by Rose and Asanga Wild Land.    Rose's poems were created first, followed by Asanga's paintings.  Rose writes: 'Seeing his interpretation of my words was another weave, another tumbling between.'  I was pleased to be able to buy the pamphlet which reproduces the poems alongside their accompanying pictures.

Oh, and, Rose, I loved the feathered fascinator!

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