Thursday, 6 February 2020


There’s nothing quite like the smell of new books straight from the printer and when the books are your own it’s even better!  Thomas McCarthy described the excitement of opening the parcel of new books: ‘It’s thrilling to hold a new collection in your hand for the first time.  There’s a birth feeling about it, and a birthday feeling, or a wedding cake feeling.’ (Carcanet blogpost 2019/03)

My new collection, Trace, (Oversteps Books 2020) has arrived in pristine condition from the printer.  At last, after a lot of nurturing, the collection is out into the world.  Trace, and my recent pamphlet, Alphabet Poems (Mariscat Press 2019), represent a body of poetry written over more than five years. 

I look afresh at these poems bound between their new green covers (by coincidence both books have green covers).  Somehow the poems look different in the pages of a book, although I’ve revised and proof-read them on the screen several times.  I send out a few copies straightaway and I’m eager to hear what people think of them and to which poems they particularly respond.

I’m looking forward to sharing the poems at different events over the coming year – so far I’ve readings booked in Cumbria, Wales, and Devon.

Go to the publishers’ websites to buy copies or contact me directly for a (much nicer!) signed copy: LMERobinson [the usual at sign]

Talking of new shiny books I was at a friend’s book launch in Kendal last Saturday.   The Will to Succeed (Unicorn Press 2020) by Christine Raafat was launched in Abbot Hall Art Gallery.  This historical novel is based on the fascinating life of the 17th century Lady Anne Clifford.  Abbot Hall exhibits a large triptych, attributed to Jan van Belcamp, illustrating Lady Anne’s life.  Christine had hoped to hold her launch in the same room as the painting but when 90 people turned up we had to move to a bigger space – a nice problem to have.  It was a lovely occasion and those of us who have followed Christine’s research and writing over the past few years are delighted at her achievement.  She has very kindly included one of my poems as a preface.  I’m very much looking forward to reading the novel.

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