Monday, 11 May 2020


You can see it if you go to

Just click on the heading Sea Pebbles to see my YouTube recording.  But
beware, if you slip out to put the kettle on when it starts you'll miss it.  It's short because of rural slowband - in fact it's the shortest poem in my collection Trace.  

One of the advantages of the poetrypf website is that it usually comes high in google searches - which leads me to problems with my name.

Mary Robinson is a former president of Ireland or the Maid of Buttermere or an 18th century poet.  This last is annoying - and I hope that people looking for 'Mary Robinson poetry' and reading her entry will realise I am not that 'English actress, poet, dramatist, novelist and celebrity figure' 1757 - 1800.

Duplicate names can be a problem for poets -
No, not the Welsh Tony Curtis, the Irish one.
Which Thomas?
Is that Clarke with an e or Clark without an e?

Mick Imlah's clever and witty poem 'Namely' (in The Lost Leader) is an account of the problems the poet had with his name:

'but I've got this mongrel and seeming-Islamical M. IMLAH,
the SMITH, J of phonebooks from Fez to the Indian Ocean.'

['phonebooks' - remember those?]  He goes on to explain that

'IMLACH was what my family ... had originally been,
Gaelic for those of the loch, until, with the clearance of Jura
the 'c' was lured from its croft by the trawlers of Aberdeen
and struck out o'er the moor, O.'

The poem 'Rachel' (in Girl) by Rebecca Goss begins

'I spent the day being Rachel.  I introduced myself as Rachel' and the poet takes a different name and a different persona for the day.

So back to google search.  It still comes up with a Mary Robinson who is not me.  But at least a short film now proves my existence.  And you can read some of my other poems on the poetrypf site too.

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