Monday, 24 August 2020



I'm always delighted when people tell me they are reading my poems (or anyone else's for that matter), even though they 'don't normally read poetry'.  During recent months people have said to me that they have been reading more poetry than usual and that spending time concentrating on one or two poems a day has become a kind of secular meditation or mindfulness.  

When I taught poetry to lifelong learning students I would suggest that they sat down with a cup of coffee and read just a couple of poems at a time, re-reading them at least once, preferably several times, to aborb the riches to be found in this most concentrated form of literature.  And of course if you substitute a poem for a biscuit you can reduce your calorie intake.

I very much enjoyed listening to the poet John Greening's short 'Letter to my readers' recently.  He was addressing anyone who picks up a poetry book with a little anxiety about what on earth he or she should do with it.  You can hear his self-deprecating but wise Letter at

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