Thursday, 2 September 2021


Having a birthday on Christmas Day is unfortunate - it tends to blur into the Christmas celebrations and skinflint relations think that one present fits all. Dorothy Wordsworth was born on Christmas Day 1771, a younger sister for William Wordsworth who arrived into the world on April 7th the previous year. But the 250th anniversary of her birth will not be forgotten. The celebrations began in July this year and will continue until July 2022, straddling her Christmas Day birthday. My friends Amy, Helen and Juliet, of Eden Poets have made a film and launched a challenge - MAKE THE JOURNEY - and the Shriders (cyclists) have a suppporting role! The film is produced by John Hamlett whose excellent camera-work follows the beautiful scenery of the journey. This short 7 minute film is a wonderfully enthusiastic celebration of Dorothy Wordsworth (especially her diaries which are so direct and observant and have become classics of Romantic prose writing). As Juliet says in the film, Dorothy writes 'through each day as it presents itself'. The journey is 30 miles from Wordsworth House in Cockermouth to Rydal Mount at Rydal, via Dove Cottage. And the challenge is to travel the route and create something along the way. It's already on my 'To Write' list. Thank you to Eden Poets for the inspiration! Here's the YouTube link:


  1. Thank you for this link, Mary. I've just watched the film (such scenery!) and listened to the encouraging poem (what fun!). Anna

  2. Glad you liked the film, Anna, and thank you for reading my blog.