Wednesday, 27 October 2021


I'm very pleased to have been shortlisted in the Second Light Poetry Prize 2021 for my poem 'Beirut'. Hawk-eyed followers of my blog will have noticed that at the moment I'm having a wee bit of a problem with formatting (despite an updated browser and an updated virtually everything else - thanks, Alan). So in case you're wondering what I've been reading lately: KERRY HARDIE Where Now Begins (Bloodaxe 2020), GERRY CAMBRIDGE The Light Acknowledgers and other poems (Happenstance 2019), KAREN SOLIE The Caiplie Caves (Picador 2019), JOHN BURNSIDE Feast Days (Secker and Warburg 1992). I bought the early John Burnside from Oxfam, Keswick. They have a good bookshop with s separate poetry section. I also bought a couple of Les Murray's collections to give to a friend. Recommended browse!

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